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Samsung HW-Q70R review: Astounding Atmos surround effects, no rear speakers required

A few years ago when I took a tour of Samsung’s massive California audio lab, I realized the company was serious about sound. Invoking the name of legendary speaker maker B&W, Samsung’s Alan Devantier told me his company’s simple goal at the time: “When you think of Bowers and Wilkins, you think of Samsung.” For their part, B&W representatives recently told me this specific quote is displayed on their meeting room wall.

So does the HW-Q70R cement Samsung as the successor to the B&W empire? Not quite. It’s an engaging performer with attractive looks, but it doesn’t compete with B&W when it comes music reproduction. This sound bar, like most of its kind, performs best with movie soundtracks.

The Samsung HW-Q70R includes a subwoofer and Dolby Atmos playback but ditches the extra surround speakers of models like the Vizio’s SB36514. In my comparison tests I didn’t miss them. Perhaps thanks to the wizardry of its audio lab, the Samsung is capable of really impressive faux-surround from just one bar. 

The Q70R costs more than the Vizio, but it has a beefier subwoofer and better all-around sound quality. Its closest competitor is the LG SL9
, which offers superior features — namely built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast audio. Between the two, I like the Samsung a bit better, however, because of its surround prowess.

Design and features

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As usual, Samsung is aligning its soundbars with its TVs — the implication is you buy a Q70 TV and then get the HW-Q70R soundbar. Done. But of course the HW-Q70R isn’t just for Samsung TVs, and its refined appearance should fit within most home setups. Samsung established its current look with the original Atmos soundbar from Samsung’s audio lab, the HW-K950. The Q70R hones the template a little and makes the design more angular, more automotive — like an intake from a modern Chevy. Unchanged though is the LED display, which is obscured by the grille’s lattice and a little hard to read.

The main bar is 43 inches wide, a television-accommodating 2.32 inches high and 3.93 inches deep. Like last year’s N650, the Q70R uses a flute-like series of tuned ports to project audio from the top of the speaker and bounce it off your living room walls. 

This is a Dolby Atmos sound bar and it brings the dimension of height to your TV and movie soundtracks. It also offers DTS:X playback for those Harry Potter 4K discs in your collection. This is a 3.1.2-channel speaker with a dedicated center channel but no rears included in the box. If you want to add rear speakers, Samsung will sell you the SWA-8500S for a comparatively affordable $129 — most competitors charge $200 for their rear kits.


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The system includes a wireless subwoofer, which is much larger than most at 8 inches wide and roughly 16 inches square. The soundbar includes tuning by Samsung’s recent acquisition, Harman Kardon.


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The remote is similar to the elegant wand you’ll find with the company’s high-end televisions with a rocker volume switch plus control over sound mode and input. You can access the settings from here too, but thanks to that speaker’s limited display, it’s easier to tweak the Q70R using the Smart Things app on your phone. 

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