Halloween 2018 Test Screening Goes Over Poorly with Horror Fans

Halloween 2018 Test Screening Goes Over Poorly with Horror Fans

Blumhouse Productions recently conducted a test screening for David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s new Halloween movie, and it’s left some old school horror hounds pretty angry. Fans have been skeptical about the movie since it was announced, but pictures from the set as well as the inclusion of Jaime Lee Curtis and John Carpenter scoring the soundtrack have gone a long way in fueling hope for the quasi-sequel. However, notes from the first test screening may reignite that initial skepticism.

According to Horror Freak News, the new Halloween movie was given scores of fair to poor from the test screening, with many noting that the movie is too long and that the ending is not very good at all. According to a source who attended the test screening, “considerable time (is) spent developing characters who don’t last long.” But that wasn’t the worst news that had been reported about the first Halloween test screening. The source had this to say.

“(Halloween) suffers from a lack of continuity with barely any exposition connecting this Halloween to its roots.”

As for hardcore fans of the original Halloween, it appears that those will be the people who are disappointed the most, which makes sense. The source continued to say that the movie really doesn’t have anything to do with the original. Instead, the new Halloween movie is reportedly modeled after newer horror movies. The source explains.

“(The movie is) aimed at modern horror fans who enjoy franchises like The Purge and Sinister, rather than the nuanced or complex tapestry Michael Myers aficionados are craving.”

The source goes on to say that there are, “cool nods to Halloween 3, 4, and 6,” but says that the shots are pretty much “carbon copies” of the original and that they come off, “more like rip-offs than homages.” By far the worst criticism for the new Halloween movie is concerning the ending. The source claims that it’s “unsatisfying” and not worthy of being the last movie in the Halloween franchise.

“(The Ending is) unsatisfying and hardly befitting of something John Carpenter promises will be the last Halloween movie ever.”

As with most of these reports in regard to test screenings, it’s best to take the information with a few coat hangers to the eyeball. The original report never names the source of the Halloween test screening, which is understandable, but also leaves many questions. But, if the report is true, it seems that Blumhouse will be conducting extensive reshoots to fix the reported problems about the movie. However, this is why test screenings are held in the first place: to figure out how the movie plays to an audience. The project still has plenty of time before the official release date on October 19th. You can check out the original report from Horror Freak News and make your own assumptions.


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