A Mom Realizes Her Baby Has Down Syndrome During This Water Birth And The Images Will Warm Your Heart


The family, which lives in Cedar Hill, Texas, includes 10-year-old Xavier, 8-year-old twins Kaydence and Zayden, and toddler Evra, who was about to turn 2.

In lieu of a baby shower, they had opted to use a birth photographer. And Amber’s prenatal care and ultrasounds had not detected any issues. The one planned surprise? They had decided to not find out the baby’s gender ahead of time. With two boys and two girls, it was okay to have a little uncertainty, although everyone seemed sure it would be a boy.

So when the first signs of labor started at 2 a.m. a week or so before her due date, the Rojas family bundled everyone into the car so they could be together at the birthing center Amber had used for her previous deliveries.

At the birthing center, Amber’s contractions stalled for a few hours. But as she paced outside the center, they came on quickly. “I almost didn’t think I was going to make it back into the birth center my contractions were coming so hard and so fast,” she said.


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