6 Reasons You’ll Love Disney’s “Frozen” Musical

6 Reasons You'll Love Disney's

As with Levy and Murin, the strength of this cast is in their ability to evoke the feel of Frozen the movie while making sure Frozen the musical emerges as its own thing entirely. Jelani Alladin is Jonathan Groff–level charming as Kristoff, but it’s fantastic to see a black actor in the role, given the dearth of characters of color in the Disney canon, particularly as romantic leads. (It’s worth noting that Anna and Elsa’s father, King Agnarr, is also played by a black actor, James Brown III.) John Riddle is unbearably likable as Hans — like, it’s actually deeply uncomfortable because you know he’s going to reveal himself to be a tool — and he has one of the most powerful voices in the cast. And Greg Hildreth manages to bring a soulfulness to Olaf, who is, you know, a talking snowman. He’s comic relief, sure, but Hildreth makes sure that you’re rooting for him at the same time. Speaking of…


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