10 Facts About This Autoimmune Disease That Attacks The Thyroid



In 2011, Missy Elliott told People magazine that she almost wrecked her car because condition-related tremors made it difficult for her to brake.

Tremors are a common symptom for people with Graves’ disease, says Smith. “One of those things that I look for in the physical examination is tremors,” he said.

The good news is that, since then, Missy Elliott has said she is doing well and is managing the disease.


Although it can be serious, it’s also very treatable.

In 2010, Sia tweeted about radiation treatment for the condition. This is one of the most common treatments for Graves’, but there are others.

Most often people start by taking anti-thyroid medications, “which control the thyroid overactivity, but don’t cure the disease, in that when the medication is stopped most people revert to hyperthyroidism,” says Smith.

The “definitive therapies,” including radioactive iodine ablation or surgical thyroidectomy, involve removing or shrinking overactive tissue, Smith said.

For example, in radioactive iodine therapy, patients are treated with radiation-tagged iodine molecules, which selectively target and kill overactive cells in the thyroid.


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